Shooting Christmas in July

I shot the cover for the Christmas catalog on a 74º afternoon in the parking lot our building. Watch this video to see some behind the scenes on how we did it.

Dominguez Studio Portrait


I value people and I enjoy creating portraits. There is something astonishing that happens when everything comes together in a moment. I allow the session to happen and rely on human nature to do its thing. My intention is to be there when it happens. This limited collection includes portraits shot on location, in the studio, with and without a production crew. Some use natural light while others employ a bit more than nature could provide.


This is a collection of cover imagery.


This is a collection of some of the product images I’ve shot. Some products bring us outside on location, while others are simply clean and straight forward studio setups. Often times the shot is directed by the page layout or cover requirements. Either way, I am driven by great lighting and a pleasing composition.

Sketching my shots

Sometimes a complex image requires extensive planning. I find that working out some of the challenges in my sketchbook really helps me to be prepared.

Retouching, Compositing & Plating

When it comes to getting the right image, sometimes it’s not possible to shoot it. That’s where compositing comes in. If you can’t shoot it, build it. Here are a few examples of the magic.