What I like

I like a cozy fire on a cold night. I like good pens, old wood, rusty ranch metal, the smell of horses, the smell of surf wax, the smell of sagebrush, Santa Ana winds, south swells, warm water, cold beer, thick shakes, thin spaghetti, spaghetti westerns, pesto, pine nuts, sharp knives, barbless hooks, the smell of cut grass, the smell of old paper, the smell of my girl’s hair. I like my mom & dad, baseball, good tubes, beach breaks, point breaks, hollow waves, pintails, my Mac, a deep dance beat in the middle of the night, long exposures, my camera, weddings, love, smiles, trust, growth, learning, singing, sketchbooks, Swiss type, composition, being outside, being on the inside, coffee, my dog, smart design, good typography, movies, galleries, Madrid, my family, pressure, fish tacos, carrots, San Francisco, running with my dog, great photos, movie titles, waking-up in the morning, paying my bills, I like to be funny, I like to think I’m funny. I like to watch the bad guys lose, the good guys win and I like to think that someday I’ll meet John Coltrane. I like the internet, clean websites, clean dishes, a clear head, Sade, Hank Williams, Martin Luther King Jr., passion, compassion, and my son. I like having close friends, I like to talk to myself when I drive. I like thrift stores, carrying cash, cashing checks, checking-in, new batteries, the old school, being done with school, the right tool, Red Bull, getting up at dawn, sleeping in, the LA Times, a full tank, shooting portraits, capturing moments, capturing the flag, fighting for the princess, defending my queen, knowing my rights, respecting my elders, opening presents, getting mail, watching the UPS guy pull-up, architecture, skilled graffiti, craftsmanship, tears of joy, making-up, making good time, making it count, making sushi disappear, vitamin D milk, new sneakers, sour things, my imagination, making websites, listening to my intuition, the smell of gasoline. I like coming home.

That about sums up Joe Dominguez